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Massage and body work is not just limited to one's physical body- the healing power of touch is extremely soothing to the mind and spirit. Our skin is the largest organ in our bodies, containing millions of receptors that send signals to our brain- proving that the power of touch reduces the heart-rate and therefore reduces stress levels. 

Physically massage will help release a build up of tension within the body, also known as an adhesion, this is where fibers within the body contract and literally fuse together causing a build up of toxins and a restricted supply of circulation to an area. Once the muscle tissue has warmed and is less resistant, natural movement will increase and muscle tension will lessen. 

Our bodies are like maps they are so complex and yet also predictable, at times we naturally can lose connection to our ourselves, to our movements, our emotions... we may not even know what we feel except that our body feels pain and discomfort. This is an indicator that we are not in 'flow' with our lives, that something is weighing on us, even if we can't quite identify what the root cause is there's a conflict between our bodies and our emotions. 

Our muscles have a memory and when we feel stressed our pain receptors are triggered and a pattern is created- how often do you feel tension in the same area, over and over like a chronic nagging? And how does this tension relate to the stress in your life? Where is the tension felt? How is it felt? ..We create these patterns, we just have to un-create them and become more aware of our triggers. Massage gives new life to a restricted area in the body, it opens us back up to our body, to the sensations within us and brings a shift in our energies.

Emotionally it's really helpful to consider what's caused a stagnant energy and build up of tension within the body. Because our physical bodies are a manifestation of our emotional selves and if we are holding on to tension, pain and discomfort then we should consider what exactly are we holding on to? Or what is holding us? Physically it's natural for an office worker who has poor posture to suffer from back pain, but the root of their discomfort is most likely more than just a postural problem when taking the 'Whole' into consideration. And so I consider my client in the context of their life, treating their emotions and blockages along with the physicality of tensions and injuries. 

On a Spiritual level massage is a beautiful therapy to open to, It's amazing that so many clients tell me how 'restored' and 'back to themselves' they feel after a treatment. And that is the 'Whole' point- a massage is literally bringing you back to yourself again! By deepening our connection to our bodies - we re-establish our awareness with ourselves and the space within that may have been overpowered by our minds. This is the true essence of massage- re-connecting to yourself. 

''Deep Tissue Massage''
is a very popular massage treatment- if not the most popular massage.

Partly because it is very quick to feel the benefits after having a treatment. Sometimes our tensions are chronic and our tension is deeply embedded, deep tissue massage is exactly that, a deep massage that opens, stretches and breaks down the tension within the muscle fibres. 
This massage gives the client a huge release as through working so deeply the client is able to notice a difference within their body in just a few days. The purpose is to literally ''un-stick'' all the knots that are woven within the body, but as well as being a corrective treatment a lot of client's find this massage to be therapeutic also. It is that 'Good pain' factor, and on a conscious level clients feel lifted after all the junk is has been manipulated. This leaves us with a feeling of renewal, openness and flow. We hold on to tension so much so that we create patterns of movement
and restriction to how our bodies function and flow, but by having regular deep tissue treatments this aspect is brought to a balance.
We then no longer feel these tensions and blockages as much or sometimes not at all! 

30 Minute Treatment- £40

1 hour treatment - £70

90 minute treatment - £90

2 hour treatment - £130 

'Sports Massage'

Sports Massage incorporates deeper techniques to manipulate the muscle tissues and assists in releasing tension. By pressing on an area of tension and holding this point confuses the muscles and the proprioception that sends signals to the brain and back to the muscle. Sports Massage is not limited to just sports people however, there are various types of treatments such as pre-event massage, which is invigorating and promotes the stimulation of blood supply to the desired muscle group before a sports event. This massage helps to warm the muscles especially to prevent cramps and injury. 

Client receiving a Sports Massage

Post event massage is given a few hours after an event or in any situation where the body has exerted a lot of energy, this treatment is slower and more soothing which helps the body to reach homeostasis, which normalizes the bodies natural rhythm. Restorative Massage helps the client to train more intensely and consistently as the muscles are more relaxed and less prone to injury. This massage can help eliminate sore and aching muscles after a training session. And rehabilitation massage is like a conditioning for the body, after exerting a lot of energy the body can sometimes go into shock and the muscles can spasm and cause all sorts of problems for the fluid in our bodies. The rehabilitation massage helps the healing process and speeds recovery time, and assists the lymphatic system release the high build up of lactic acid/interstitial fluid. 

Sports Massage is effective in alleviating:

- Muscular pain, tension, stiffness and weakness
- Repetitive strain injuries 
- Stress and its many related facets
- Headaches and insomnia
-Increased range of movement 
-Decreased risk of injury 

As Well As Supporting:

- Recovery from injuries and surgery
- An improvement in your general posture
- Greater strength and movement within the joints of the body
- Improved performance whatever your field, physical or otherwise
- Increased ease, comfort and harmony felt in body and mind

30 minute treatment- 
1 hour treatment - £70
90 minute treatment - £90
2 hour treatment - £130 

'Crystal Healing'

Client receiving a crystal healing sessionCrystal Healing is a method of healing with the use of crystals placed on or around the body. Crystals are used to heal and restore balance. They help in releasing and clearing negative energy, and naturally enhance an energy that we feel we may be lacking in our life, for example, maybe an energy within your system feels dormant and you would like to evoke this energy more, to feel more vibrant, more energetic, more creative, more heart-based for an example. Thereby the use of crystal healing assists to work alongside your electromagnetic system. The human body has a complex electromagnetic system, also known as a vibrational energy system. Nature has created crystals to be perfect electromagnetic conductors, capable of interacting with our own electromagnetic systems. Crystals have been found to carry vibrations that activates certain energy centres within us, thus having a positive effect on general well-being.

30 minute treatment- £40

1 hour treatment - £70
90 minute treatment - £90
2 hour treatment - £130 

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"Suffering is not holding you. You are holding suffering. When you become good at the art of letting sufferings go, then you’ll come to realize how unnecessary it was to drag those burdens along with you. You’ll see that no one other than you was responsible. The truth is that existence wants your life to become a festival."
-Buddhist Teaching